A new transport vision for Croydon

Providing genuine alternatives to the car and creating a great place to live is at the heart of a new 20 year transport vision for Croydon, which draws inspiration from cities like Copenhagen.

Croydon being on the brink of massive regeneration presents a once in a lifetime opportunity to reshape the way people travel in the borough.

The new vision approved by cabinet on Monday focuses on providing better transport routes, a safer environment to travel in, and more interesting places to draw pedestrians and cyclists to Croydon’s streets.

This includes the council making transport work for Croydon by:-

– Drawing up plans for 20mph limits to make streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists
– Encouraging Network Rail and central government to invest in Croydon’s railway links by removing capacity constraints on the line into central London and building additional platforms at East Croydon
– Working with TfL to improve the tram network and deliver new connections with Crystal Palace and other important places in south London
– Encouraging TfL to deliver its proposals to extend the Bakerloo Line and make sure Croydon residents benefit
– Making Croydon a more liveable city by continuing to roll out the Play Streets scheme
– Investing in new cycle routes and cycling infrastructure such as cycle hire schemes

Central to the vision is helping to change people’s decisions around how they choose to travel.

Croydon’s position as an Outer London borough means that car ownership is high, and that more people make short car journeys.

However proposed developments and changes to the environment in the town centre and districts will transform travel within Croydon, placing greater emphasis on making it easier to walk or cycle as a viable alternative to the car.

Croydon will look to borrow from cities such as Copenhagen, which already has a much more sustainable and active travel system in place, in order to become a world leader in transport.

“Transport is central to delivering the aspirations of the vibrant and successful borough that we strive to be.

“We want to make Croydon a better place for pedestrians and cyclists by creating a safer and more pleasant environment that encourages residents to choose a different way of travelling around the borough, which reduces reliance on the car.

“Improving our transport system will make Croydon become the place of choice to live and invest.”

Councillor Kathy Bee, cabinet member for transport and environment


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