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I choose to have a life, not a knife

In the last 12 months to November in Croydon, there have been 109 victims of knife crime aged under 25. Help reduce violent crime by and against young people. By carrying weapons, you are more likely to become a victim, as well as be responsible for the injury or death of others.

Choose to get help

Off The Record Youth Counselling provides free, independent and professional counselling for 14-25 year olds in the Croydon area.

Tel: 020 8251 0251
email: croydon@talkofftherecord.org
Twitter: @talkotr

Services are free and confidential and available to everyone. Here to help you if you have been affected by crime and need support.

Tel: 08 08 16 89 111

You can report crimes anonymously to this service (without giving any personal information).

Are you worried about knife crime?  If you or anyone you know has been a victim of knife or gun crime, or maybe you’re somehow involved in another way, there’s plenty of support available. Visit our help and advice page. If you are worried about your or your friends safety visit www.croydonyps.org.uk/advice/safety/ for support and information. You can also find support for yourself or your friends and family at safe.met.police.uk/knife_crime_and_gun_crime/done_something_youre_worried_about.html

Choose what you can do

I choose to learn new skills

I choose to train for a good job

I choose to make a difference