Last chance to catch art installation at Croydon Clocktower

Croydon residents have days left to see works by a nationally-acclaimed local artist who is in residency at Central Library.

Since August, pieces by artist PINS that are usually exhibited at galleries in central London have been on display in the hall of Croydon Clocktower as part of a one-month residency set up by the council.

Using the theme of creativity bringing connectivity, PINS has hung around a dozen of his canvas paintings in the hallway next to the library. Many of the paintings, which depict characters ranging from Roy Lichtenstein-style heroines to Bart Simpson, include iPhones to underline the artist’s interest in getting people off their mobiles and better appreciate the world around them. PINS first exhibited in central London in 2012, and gained national media attention in 2016 with his #NoFaceLikePhone exhibition and a residency at the offices of The Guardian.

As part of the clocktower installation PINS, real name Bhupinder Singh, who grew up in Waddon and was a youth worker in Thornton Heath before breaking into the UK art scene, has also created a new collage of messages written in doughnut sprinklers on the staircase up to the Museum of Croydon. The messages include slogans such as “More Life, Less Knife” and “Stay Great, Donut Hate”.

PINS has run workshops with young people and is on hand to discuss his works with members of the public as part of the residency, which is on until 5pm on Wednesday 26 September.

PINS said: “Most people in Croydon will probably not set foot in a Mayfair gallery so this plan has been to show these works to a wider demographic and make art accessible. My focus is to get people disconnected from their devices and connected to their surroundings because it is going to be an ongoing problem unless we address it at an early stage.”

“Hundreds of people have already enjoyed this exhibition, and I particularly urge young people who are interested in art to come down and see these paintings while they can.”

Councillor Oliver Lewis, cabinet member for culture, leisure and sport

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