Council and community leaders launch George Floyd Race Matters Pledge to unite the borough against racism

Croydon Council and community partners launched the George Floyd Race Matters Pledge today, bringing local organisations and businesses together to unite against racism and work towards a more inclusive borough.

The George Floyd Race Matters Pledge was developed in recognition of the widespread calls for real change in the wake of the brutal murder of George Floyd in 2020. It specifically recognises the unique lived experiences of residents and employees of African, Caribbean, and African Latin heritage, building upon the Croydon Equalities Pledge which was launched in March this year.

Today, on the second anniversary of George Floyd’s murder, Croydon’s Executive Mayor Jason Perry joined community representatives, residents, school pupils and staff in the Town Hall to launch the George Floyd Race Matters Pledge.

All Croydon organisations and employers are being asked to read the pledge and sign up to it.

There are 10 clear workplace activities for participating organisations within the pledge, which have been designed to tackle persistent structural and institutional racism. All actions were developed with input from residents and local community groups.

Organisational activities range from a stated commitment to anti-racism, through to increased training on unconscious bias and developing fairer recruitment and pay processes. Participants are encouraged to commit to a minimum of three pledge activities per year to work towards the shared vision of an anti-racist Croydon.

Participating organisations and their members or employees can also add the pledges to their branding, signalling their contributions towards a fairer Croydon.

More detail on the pledge and how to support it can be found on the council website.

Jason Perry, Executive Mayor of Croydon said: “As someone who is born and bred in Croydon, I’m proud of the rich cultural diversity and heritage of our communities. This is why we are asking all Croydon organisations and employers to show their commitment to tackling racism by signing up to the George Floyd Race Matters Pledge.

“By adopting the pledge and committing to a number of activities each year it shows the public that the council, local businesses and organisations are standing against inequality and ensures we are all working towards a fairer Croydon in which everyone is welcome.”

Andrew Brown, Chief Executive Officer for Croydon BME Forum said: “George Floyd’s murder forced people to truly reflect on the realities and imbalances that our residents and employees of African and Caribbean heritage face on a daily basis. The BME Forum has worked with the council and partners to develop the George Floyd Race Matters Pledge in recognition of these challenges, and for our local organisations and businesses to tackle them. I would urge people to get behind the pledge and its actions, sending a clear message that there is no place for racism in Croydon.”

Barnabas Shelbourne, Chief Executive for Legacy Youth Zone said: “Legacy Youth Zone is extremely proud to be part of forming the George Floyd Race Matters Pledge with other partners, ensuring that the whole community has a zero tolerance approach to racism. It will ensure that Croydon’s community grows and develops inclusively. All people need to feel safe, supported and have an opportunity to thrive, and we hope that this pledge will help create a better society.”

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