Council completes major flood mitigation scheme in Purley

Major sustainable flood alleviation works in the Riddlesdown area of Purley, South Croydon have been completed ahead of the winter flooding season.

The £162,000 mitigation scheme includes a range of measures to help prevent flooding and in the event of severe weather, enable the council to swiftly respond. These measures are designed using improved environmentally-friendly practices that allow excess water to drain more naturally.

Water level pressure sensors and cameras have been installed inside roadside gullies, allowing alarms to be set. Should water levels rise, the system will alert the council maintenance team so that they can prioritise resources and provide a rapid response.

Further down Lower Barn Road toward Riddlesdown Station, flooding would routinely occur at the bottom the hill. The measures introduced included a new soakaway to store water in during extreme rainfall, and then allow it to dissipate naturally into the aquifer that lies deep below ground.

In Kenley, further interventions include installation of a penstock gate to manage high flows of rain in the Bourne between Bourne View Allotments and Roke School.

In the same area, the council has installed a ‘Datasphere’ which provides information via sensors, and sends email alerts when water levels begin to rise. The system also has a CCTV camera at the allotments which gives live video streaming of the actual conditions on site.

The council resilience team is working to identify and prioritise other areas of Croydon where similar schemes will be necessary to alleviate current flooding, and provide long-term protection against the effects of climate change.

Across the borough, the council also routinely cleanses gullies using high pressure machinery, on a rotational and needs basis. If residents see a gully in need of cleansing, they are encouraged to contact our resilience department at 0208 726 6000 or via the council’s online reporting site.

To learn more about flood preparedness, visit the council website.

“We must act now to make places where people live, work, and travel resilient to the effects of extreme weather including flooding in the borough. Responding to the Croydon Climate Crisis Commission recommendations, this investment is a step in the right direction towards helping make Croydon resilient to climate change and protect communities from extreme weather conditions.”

Councillor Muhammad Ali, cabinet member for sustainable Croydon

To learn more about Croydon’s sustainability plans and climate crisis response, visit the council website.

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