Council sets out phased plan for Regina Road redevelopment

Croydon Council have set out the details for how the redevelopment of the Regina Road area will be delivered after residents voted in favour of the homes being demolished and rebuilt.

At a cabinet meeting on Wednesday (25 October) the Executive Mayor of Croydon Jason Perry agreed the delivery model for the project, which is part of his commitment to improving standards in council homes and putting residents at the heart of decisions about housing services.

Residents on the estate voted overwhelmingly in favour of demolition in a May ballot – with 88.1% voting ‘Yes’, while only 11.9% voted against regeneration of the estate. The area earmarked for demolition includes three 11-storey tower blocks and a number of low-rise blocks and houses.

The proposals are to replace the 191 homes with up to 450 homes, subject to planning and other approvals, of which at least 200 would be council homes.

Since the ‘Yes’ vote, the council has been progressing the designs. Regina Road residents continue to be involved and listened to on their views on the architectural design as it develops, through regular group meetings and drop-ins where they can discuss the proposals and have their questions answered.

The proposals agreed by cabinet are for a direct delivery model by the council investing in the first two phases in the demolition and rebuilding of Regina Road. This will enable the rebuilding of the social housing as soon as possible and deliver an increased number of social rented homes at Regina Road.

Phase one would see an estimated 86 new council homes built on the north side of Regina Road, on the site of the 1-87 tower block and adjacent homes, plus an estimated eight new homes to be built at nearby Malton House. The council is working closely with affected residents to find alternative accommodation.

Phase two would create an estimated 139 new council homes and a replacement nursery and community centre – with the details to be reviewed by cabinet next year.

Jason Perry

“I’m committed to improving standards in council homes and putting residents at the heart of decisions about housing services. We are listening to Regina Road residents at every stage of this process and we thank everyone who has given their views on the emerging designs. The project is progressing at pace and we look forward to reaching further milestones in the new year as we invest in new council housing.”

Jason Perry, Executive Mayor of Croydon

For more information about the project and drop-ins see the council website.

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