#CroydonTogether: campaign thanks community for response to COVID-19

Croydon Council has today launched the #CroydonTogether campaign to recognise and support the efforts of all those working to care for, help and support their community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whether you are a nurse or doctor in the NHS; a teacher; a council worker supporting children or the elderly, collecting bins or cleaning streets;   a community volunteer – or simply, being a good friend or neighbour – we want to hear from you.

We’ll be sharing some of our pictures and stories with you on our social media channels and we want you to do the same. Use the #CroydonTogether hashtag on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – and tag in @YourCroydon so we can show our support and appreciation for all that you do.

Kickstarting our campaign is Bernice Dickenson (pictured above), a council officer who has been doing food shopping for vulnerable residents in need of help.

Bernice, who works in the council’s Gateway team, said: “I have been doing emergency food shopping for some of our most vulnerable clients, many of whom are unable to get out due to severe ill health issues and have been self-isolating. The response has been overwhelming gratitude.

“One elderly resident, who had been rationing her daily meals to one tin of soup a day, thanked me and called me an ‘angel’. She said knowing that she ‘mattered to someone’ was equally important as the food I had delivered.”

““Croydon’s community is strong, resilient and caring. In times of difficulty, we have always come together to look after those in need – in our own neighbourhoods and beyond.

“As a council, it is our absolute priority to protect our most vulnerable and it has been amazing to see thousands of you, right across our community, going the extra mile to do just that. Thank you so much for all you have done and continue to do.

“I hope the #CroydonTogether campaign will encourage and inspire everyone, to learn about the wonderful things happening throughout their borough every day. Also, to remind you in this challenging time, that you are not alone – Croydon stands together.”

Councillor Tony Newman, leader of the council


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