Easier access to your baby’s health records

Pregnant women and parents in Croydon can now more easily access their child’s health records with the new online e-Redbook.

The council and NHS are encouraging more people in Croydon to sign-up to this resource. Parents can quickly look-up information about their child’s immunisations, health reviews and screening tests, which is all securely stored in the cloud so they are always at hand.

The e-Redbook is a digital version of the paper red book given to parents during pregnancy. It currently is a digital addition to the paper red book but it will replace it for those who choose to have a digital record.

You can access e-Redbook either via the NHS app, by downloading the e-Redbook app from the Play or App store or visit www.eredbook.org.uk

Registering via the NHS app while pregnant will mean your child’s information is automatically populated. This app also allows you to order repeat prescriptions, see your GP records and book appointments.

Manjit Roseghini, Deputy Chief Nurse and Director of Midwifery at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust, said: “e-Redbooks have made a real positive impact on the support we can offer parents in Croydon. We currently have records of over 630 children in Croydon with a parent using the app. They’re benefiting from being able to accurately track their child’s development and get expert advice from articles available through the platform from NHS.uk.”

Parents do not need to create multiple e-Redbook accounts for all of their children as you can include them in one account. You can also make notes about your pregnancy, baby or child.

Councillor Janet Campbell, cabinet member for families, health and social care:

“This resource benefits parents in Croydon as it means you can look up your child’s health records and growth charts wherever you go. This is much more convenient than the traditional paper red book. It also means it is one less thing to remember to put in your bag when you are preparing for an outing with your child, which many parents will appreciate!”

Croydon GPs welcome and encourage the use of the e-Redbook which provides one easy to go to place to access children’s personal health records for everyone involved in a child’s care. This new digital service will also make it quicker for health professionals to share health and wellbeing information with parents.


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