General election 2024 results

3.29am The results for Croydon East constituency have been declared:

Natasha Dawn Irons (LAB) is elected.

Results in full below:

Jason James Cummings, The Conservative Party – 11,716

Scott Alan Holman, Reform UK – 5,862

Natasha Dawn Irons, Labour Party -18,541

Andrew John Pelling, Liberal Democrats – 3,563

Peter Underwood, The Green Party – 4,097

Voter turnout: 43,956 (57%)


4.06am The results for the Croydon West constituency have been declared:

Sarah Jones (LAB) is elected.

Results in full below:

April Jacqueline Ashley, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition – 247

Simon Fox, The Conservative Party – 6,386

Jahir Hussain, Liberal Democrats – 3,667

Sarah Jones, Labour Party – 20,612

Vinayak Malhotra, Reform UK – 2, 148

Donna Murray-Turner, Taking the Initiative Party of Britain – 503

Ria Patel, The Green Party – 3,851

Ahsan Ullah, Workers Party of Britain – 708

Voter turnout: 38,304 (49%)


4.15am The results for the Croydon South constituency have been declared:

Chris Ian Brian Mynott Philp (CON) is elected.

Results in full below:

Bob Bromley, Reform UK – 4,149

Elaine Denise Garrod, The Green Party – 2,859

Richard Michael Howard, Liberal Democrats – 4,384

Kulsum Hussin, Workers Party – 612

Chris Ian Brian Mynott Philp, The Conservative Party – 19,757

Mark Robin Lionel Samuel, Independent – 173

Ben Taylor, Labour Party, 17,444

Voter turnout: 49,542 (66%)

Lambeth are the lead authority for the Streatham and Croydon North constituency. The results will be posted at: Results | Lambeth Council

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