Less than one week until the elections – what you need to know

Voters in Croydon will be going to the polls on Thursday, 6 May to vote in the Mayor of London and London assembly elections and our five local by-elections.

Residents in five wards will be asked to vote in a by-election after councillor positions became vacant. These will take place in Kenley, New Addington North, Park Hill & Whitgift, South Norwood and Woodside. Residents living in these wards who are registered to vote will have been sent a by-election polling card.

Voting will take place at polling stations during the normal polling hours of 7am to 10pm. The elections team has done everything to ensure the experience of voting in person is as safe and as reassuring as possible including regular cleaning of surfaces, controlled access to maintain safe distancing, hand sanitation on entering the polling station and all staff and electors being required to wear face-coverings.

If you are voting in person you are also being asked to bring your own pen or pencil to the polling station to use when you vote, so as not to share pens or pencils with others, and it is suggested you avoid the busiest times of 8am to 10am and 6pm to 8pm.

In accordance with a government direction, local authorities have been asked to avoid using schools where possible. While it has not been possible in all cases, it has contributed to a large number of changes to polling station locations. Out of Croydon’s 148 polling stations, 36 will be different to usual. Your polling station might be in a different location this year so it’s best to check ahead. You can find out more here.

You will be given three ballot papers to vote in the Mayor of London and London Assembly elections. Voting for the Mayor is on a pink ballot paper. You can vote for a first and second choice. Find the candidate you want to vote for as your first choice and mark with a cross in Column A next to their name. Then find the candidate that you want to vote for as your second choice and mark with a cross in Column B next to their name.

Voting for your constituency London assembly member is on a yellow ballot paper. Here you choose who you want to represent your local area on the London Assembly and you can only vote for one candidate.

Voting for your London-wide assembly member takes place on an orange ballot paper with only one vote.

If you are voting in one of the wards with by-elections you will also get a white ballot paper. Here you vote for the candidate you want to be elected as a councillor for your ward.

• For more information, including what to do at the polling station, click here.

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