Trading standards advise residents not to fall victim to ticket scams during UEFA Euro 2024

Croydon Council’s trading standards is advising residents how to avoid becoming a victim of online ticket fraud during the summer sporting events – such as the Euro 2024 in Germany and Paris 2024 Olympics – and music festivals.

Thousands of sports and music fans are victims of online ticket fraud nationally each year. Fraudulent tickets are often sold on social media, online marketplaces, genuine selling sites or fan forums.

Croydon’s trading standards has teamed up with National Trading Standards to give residents advice on how to #GetSafeOnline and to report any incidents of ticket fraud. Top tips on buying tickets safely can be found on the Get Safe Online website.

In a ticket scam, the seller tells the buyer they’ll post or email the tickets once the money is transferred to their bank account. But when the tickets do not arrive, the seller is not contactable and often disappears off the websites. It’s likely that dozens of other people have fallen victim to the same fraud.

A Croydon resident reported having been scammed out of thousands of pounds for hospitality tickets to Glastonbury 2023. The resident had successfully bought theatre tickets from the seller on social media. The seller then offered hospitality tickets to Glastonbury. The package sounded so great that the resident, together with some of their family and friends, paid for the tickets.

Together, they transferred £14,000 of their money into the seller’s account. That was the last that they saw of their money – the tickets did not arrive and their money was not refunded. The seller stopped replying to messages and disappeared from social media.

These scams trick online shoppers into thinking they’re dealing with a legitimate contact or company, when it’s actually illegal activity.

Be aware of how to #GetSafeOnline this summer and visit the Get Safe Online website for more details.

Karen Agbabiaka, director of streets and environment, said: “It’s important that our residents stay safe online and don’t fall victim to online ticket fraud, which is why we’re sharing this information.

“With lots of exciting events happening this summer, it can be tempting to take up offers on social media. But however desperate you are to go to an event, get safe online by following this guidance from trading standards.”

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