Wise words for a cracking Christmas

A new Christmas campaign is encouraging Croydon residents to be safe during the festive period by eating well before they go out, pacing themselves if drinking alcohol and making advance plans for their journey home.

The London-wide festive campaign aims to get people to look after themselves and look out for friends and colleagues this year by thinking of these three wise words – Eat, Pace, Plan – before they head to any celebrations.

Last December 5,526 incidents the London Ambulance Service attended were alcohol related.

The Eat, Pace, Plan campaign offers a few top tips for a more enjoyable time out, which includes:

• Eating before you go out – this will slow down the absorption of alcohol in your body and help you to stay in control.

• Drinking sensibly by pacing and spacing your alcohol – plan a strategic soft drink or some water between alcoholic drinks to slow the rate of your drinking and keep hydrated.

• Keeping an eye on your drinks and don’t leave them unattended. Also watch your bags and phone.

• Think about how you’ll travel to your chosen venue and how you’ll also get home – check train or bus times and only use licensed taxi cabs. Check Croydon Council’s website for real-time travel tools.

• If you are worried about your drinking, there’s a digital scratch card that you can download to quickly review your drinking habits  www.rethinkyourdrink.org.uk


“We want people in Croydon to be safe and eat, drink and be merry this Christmas and New Year. The Eat, Pace, Plan campaign offers sensible advice for anyone making plans to have a great time out. Whether you are going to an office party or on a night-out with friends, it’s important to not only think about how you are getting to your venue, but you should also consider how you will get home. By considering these three wise words, everyone can have a fun night out.”

Councillor Jane Avis, cabinet member for families, health and social care

Visit the City of London website for more information and top tips.

The JustBe website for Croydon residents also has advice about drinking alcohol safely and sensibly.

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