Learning in the libraries with Lego

Building on the lessons learned in the classroom, Croydon children will soon be able to extend their knowledge and learn new skills at their local library as it takes collection of the nation’s favourite toy bricks.

Launching on Monday 20 July, Croydon Council and Cultural Community Solutions are working in partnership with Lego Education to bring the popular construction toy to the borough’s libraries.

To help demonstrate the exciting possibilities and technologies of Lego Education, 10 primary schoolchildren are being invited to the launch and will be the first in Croydon to get to grips with the new resources.

Children who would like to be part of the launch should email ccslegocroydon@carillionservices.co.uk

The Lego Education programme supports children in an engaging and creative environment, allowing them to develop their understanding of computing, design and technology, science, maths and languages using a plaything familiar to them and their parents.


Councillor Timothy Godfrey, cabinet member for culture, leisure and sport

“This is a great addition to the services already offered by Croydon’s libraries service, and one that’s sure to be a big hit with the borough’s children.

“Lego has amused generations of children while, at the same time, firing their imaginations, enhancing their hand/eye coordination, and, I’m sure, inspiring many to become engineers, architects, builders and designers.”

The launch is the first phase that will see the setting up, during September, of Lego Clubs throughout Croydon.

Running weekly, the clubs will be suitable for children aged eight-plus, who will interact with specially designed activity packages – such as StoryStarter, MoreToMaths, WeDo, and Machines and Mechanisms – under the guidance of trained staff.

Club membership will involve a small fee, but, before signing up, parents and children are invited to attend a free taster session during the summer holidays. The taster sessions will provide an insight into the exciting activities and workshops that will be on offer.

The launch, from 11am to noon on Monday 20 July, will take place in Croydon Central Library, Katharine Street, CR9 1ET.

Any child who would like to take part should email ccslegocroydon@carillionservices.co.uk but be aware that only 10 places are available, distributed on a first-come, first-served basis; confirmation will be emailed to successful applicants.

Alternatively, they can call 020 3700 1034.

For more information visit www.ccslibraries.com/legoeducationcroydon

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