Be your best self in 2020

Residents can make a fresh start this New Year and adopt healthier habits with online tips and help from Croydon Live Well advisers.

Positive changes towards long-term goals like quitting smoking, losing weight, doing more exercise and drinking less alcohol can begin immediately in 2020 by visiting Croydon Council’s health website

The website has apps, podcasts, videos, healthy eating plans, a physical activity finder and more to support you to be happier and healthier in the year ahead.

Anyone who may need more help to make a change can take the online health checker to assess if they could be eligible for the free face-to-face service with a Croydon Live Well adviser.

The Live Well advisers can be contacted for more information about their service on the freephone number 0800 018 857 or email

This is part of Croydon Council’s ongoing investment in community services to address health problems more often associated with smoking and not eating well or exercising, which can lead to being overweight or obese. There are also financial benefits to better health, for example someone who smokes 13 cigarettes a day can save £141 a month by quitting.

Billboard posters have also been placed around the borough encouraging residents to be their best self in 2020 and visit the JustBe Croydon website.

Councillor Jane Avis, cabinet member for families, health and social care: “January is a great time of year to start doing more to improve your health and wellbeing throughout the coming months. Croydon’s Live Well service aims to inspire and support residents to prevent ill health. This could be those first steps to stop smoking, being food smart by eating more fruit and veg, or joining a local walking group or exercise class.”

Croydon resident Joseph gave up smoking with Live Well adviser Mike and he is now looking forward to being smoke-free in 2020. He said: “I wanted to give up smoking for myself and also my family. It was hard especially during lunchtime at work when I would look forward to having a cigarette. I met Mike at the health hub in Croydon central library on Katharine Street and he helped me to set my health goals. He also provided me with nicotine replacement therapy to help with my cravings.

“Having the support of a Live Well adviser has been very reassuring and it has helped me with side effects and managing my lunchtime cigarette cravings. The appointments and phone calls kept me on track, reminding me that I could do it, and I did!

“I am very pleased with how well I did. I was inspired reading about how people quit so I wanted to share my story to encourage others.”

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