Brighton Road cycling corridor will improve access to the town centre

A new cycle route is coming to Croydon to help connect the south of the borough with the town centre, making it safer for cyclists along Brighton Road.

The scheme, which goes live on Monday 3 April, will feature new cycle lanes separated from motor traffic on most parts of the corridor, starting from just north of the junction with Bartlett Street, and running south to Purley High Street.

Improved pedestrian crossings are also included and will address safety concerns in the area to encourage people to leave the car at home for more journeys that could be walked instead.

To support businesses, additional parking bays and loading areas have been added close to shopping parades, and new designs will make it easier to access shops by foot, car, and bicycle.

The scheme will be introduced on an experimental basis, to gather feedback from the community and measure its effects.

When the experimental scheme goes live next week, a six-month consultation will begin, concluding on 3 October. More information on the scheme as well as how to take part in the consultation can be found on the council website.

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