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Croydon’s Choose Your Future campaign is driven by young people. It asks you to think about the choices you make – whether it’s about carrying a knife, looking after yourself, or your goals.

During this pandemic, we are still dedicated to supporting our young people to make positive choices, and providing you with the  help and opportunities you need. Now more than ever, self-care and good mental and emotional well-being are important for you, your friends and family

Our partners have dedicated resources available to you even in lockdown.

If you or anyone you know needs help, please use the following resources

Croydon Drop In have taken their TalkBus virtual. Young people in Croydon will be able to access their call back service to receive their counselling services.

Talk Off the Record offer both telephone and online counselling services as well as support for young carers and young refugees. They also have a range of online workshops and competitions

Ment4 provide one-to-one specialist mentoring for 12 to 17 year olds in Croydon with emotional and behavioural difficulties. Young people in this position may find it especially challenging during lockdown.

Croydon Talking Therapies are currently able to provide telephone and video 1:1 sessions for young people who are having anxiety concerning Covid-19

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