Community warm spaces are open in Croydon

Libraries, leisure centres, community and faith organisations are offering warm spaces to support people in Croydon this winter.

The venues are free to anyone who wants to either sit, talk or socialise somewhere warm and welcoming during this time. This includes the majority of libraries in the borough, Ashburton Hall and Waddon Leisure Centre.

A number of the warm spaces offer hot drinks and food, activities and information signposting to local support services, such as help with energy and household costs.

People can also charge a phone or device, use the free Wi-Fi or have a hot shower at some leisure centres.

The warm spaces locations and opening times can be found on the council website, and people are encouraged to check these details before attending.

Anyone who needs financial assistance in the cold weather can find information on the council’s website. There is also helpful guidance in Croydon’s winter health and wellbeing newsletter to support residents to keep warm and well.

Concerns about someone who is sleeping rough can be reported to StreetLink for them to get appropriate care and advice.

Jason Perry

“We are working across our communities to set up a network of warm spaces that are safe and welcoming to anyone who needs them as the weather gets colder. We are grateful to all the local organisations who are opening their doors to support people during this time. We encourage people to visit our friendly warm spaces and also use them as a social space so that no-one feels isolated or alone.”

Jason Perry, Executive Mayor of Croydon

Pastor Bola Thomas, from His Grace Evangelical Outreach, said: “We are really pleased to offer our venue as a warm space for people in Croydon. It’s so important to come together, especially at this time of year to lend a helping hand as we know winter can be difficult and bring many challenges. We are here to provide information, support and encouragement to everyone in our community.”

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