Council launches new community funding to help prevent youth violence

Croydon Council has launched a new fund for community organisations to support young people at risk of becoming involved in violence or antisocial behaviour, and help them to stay safe.

Local organisations will be able to bid for grants to deliver targeted activities for young people in two priority areas – the town centre and New Addington.

The funding is aimed at groups that have a trusted relationship with local communities and a strong track record in helping to improve young people’s lives.

The grant programme is part of the council’s commitment to work in close partnership with residents, businesses and the voluntary, faith and communities sector to help children and young people stay safe.

£60,000 of funding from London’s Violence Reduction unit will be available through an application process with organisations able to come together to bid if they wish to partner up. The bidding process is now open and applications can be submitted to ahead of the deadline on Monday 17 April at 8am.

The funding will be awarded to help young people between the ages of 12 and 25, with organisations providing tailored support to those who are drawn into anti-social behaviour or at risk of being exploited.

One part of the project will be to work with people over the age of 18, helping them with things like finding a job, dealing with substance misuse, and addressing the underlying issues that may lead to getting involved in crime. Another part of the project will focus on young people between the ages of 12 and 18 who are vulnerable to exploitation and criminal activity.

Croydon Council will work closely with local outreach teams, the police, and schools to identify areas where young people spend time, and engage with them in a positive way. Regular meetings will be held with partners to track the progress of this endeavour.

Overall, the project aims to make the community safer by providing support and resources to young people who are most at risk of being drawn into anti-social behaviour or being exploited.

Jason Perry

“I share residents’ concerns about young people’s safety, and I want us to work in close partnership with our communities, businesses and community groups to help and support those who are at risk of becoming involved in violence, either as victims or perpetrators.

In Croydon we are fortunate to have many local organisations who know their communities well and are best placed to reach young people and carry out targeted activity to encourage them to stay safe and reach their potential.

This grant scheme is about investing in those groups and the good work they do, so that together we can find new solutions to tackle youth violence and make our streets safer for everyone.”

Jason Perry, Executive Mayor of Croydon

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