Council to consult on how to manage Croydon’s future growth

A borough-wide consultation to give residents a say on how the council should manage Croydon’s growth over the next 20 years and beyond is set to begin next month following cabinet approval last night.

This consultation is the first part of the review of the 2018 Local Plan and looks at issues facing the borough, such as a need for up to 46,040 new homes, as determined by using government formula, between now and 2039, employment growth and how to improve sustainability. The consultation is based around three spatial strategies, sites and planning policies necessary to meet these needs.

Residents will be able to have their say on how best to manage these changes, which will affect every part of the borough.

Residents will also be able to share their views on how the borough can not only grow, but also tackle the causes of climate change and how best to respond to the climate emergency announced by the council in July.

As part of the consultation, residents will be asked on future infrastructure planning and provision, healthcare and education, community facilities and leisure opportunities. The document also looks at improving the quality of new homes and increasing the delivery of affordable homes, in places people want to live in, work in and enjoy.

The consultation will begin on 8 November and will finish on 8 January 2020. During this period there will be a number of different events for people to discuss issues and options, including an Urban Room, in Croydon Arts Store in the Whitgift Centre, which will help to bring the strategies to life.

Each of the borough’s 16 places, and how they will change, are also included as part of the issues and options document. Each place will change to some extent, depending on heritage, accessibility to services and public transport, and whether physical infrastructure, such as roads and utilities and social infrastructure, which includes things like schools, GP surgeries and community centres, can be delivered in the area. For each place there is a series of questions for residents to answer.

There is also a dedicated chapter on the Purley Way, which will seek to protect the commercial future of the area, whilst facilitating up to 12,000 new homes and mixed-use development, supported by the necessary infrastructure. Views will also be sought on the proposed Brighton Mainline Upgrade and East Croydon station redevelopment.

“England is facing a housing crisis, which is particularly acute in London and the South East. Something has to change and we’re starting this conversation now to ensure we can all have our say in delivering sustainable, vibrant, places across our home borough.  We face difficult challenges if we are all to have a home we can afford in a place we are proud to call home, within a caring local community. There will be no simple answers.

“While housing shapes the start of this conversation, it certainly isn’t the only thing we want to hear the public’s views on. We want a more sustainable borough with better infrastructure, more jobs and better spaces for people to enjoy in their own time.

“We want to make the borough’s growth as sustainable as it can be for everyone, and we need you to be included in this conversation to make sure we hear as many views as we can.

“This is a discussion for everyone and we look forward to hearing from you and having you help shape the exciting future this borough will have.”

Councillor Paul Scott, cabinet lead for planning and regeneration

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