Council’s development company Brick by Brick to build a thousand new and affordable homes

An ambitious house-building programme has been launched by the council to help boost the supply of new and affordable homes in Croydon.

Its development company, Brick by Brick, will build the much-needed housing on council-owned land across the borough.

Croydon’s population is growing and set to rise even further, which is having a huge impact on the demand for homes and the affordability of those homes, leaving many local families struggling to buy or rent.

Croydon is one of a handful of local authorities that is taking an innovative commercial approach to house building by setting up development companies in order to address housing shortages and meet increasing demand in their own communities.

The council is a significant land owner and around 50 sites have been identified that potentially could be used to build around 1,000 new homes by 2018. Feasibility studies are now under way.

When suitable sites have been identified, the council will be engaging with local people about any possible residential development in their area.

Councillor Alison Butler, deputy leader and cabinet member for homes, regeneration and planning

“With many parts of the country in the grip of a serious housing crisis, Croydon is taking control and getting back into the house-building business to help our local communities and address the shortage of homes.

“We can no longer afford to sit back and let the market take its course, as it is just not delivering enough homes to meet demand, leaving many of our residents homeless or stuck in temporary accommodation, unable to afford to rent or buy. Although the private sector has a huge part to play in helping Croydon to achieve its targets, the council also a direct role to play in making sure we are providing enough new and affordable homes for local families.”



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