Croydon to distribute more than £3m to help residents in need this winter

Croydon Council will be distributing more than £3m of financial support to help residents most in need this winter as they face growing cost of living pressures.

The packages of support are the latest in a wide range of help administered by the council and targeted at the borough’s most vulnerable households and communities.

The council has broad discretion over how to distribute the money, which is the third tranche of the government’s Household Support Fund, including help for households that may have missed out on other cost of living support and tackling holiday hunger amongst school children.

The latest targeted council support builds on £6m in government hardship funding already distributed by Croydon, providing financial support to almost 67,000 residents.

As the cost of living crisis continues to be felt by people across the borough, the council has mapped the impact of potential rising costs on households, including fuel poverty levels, so that it is helping those in most need of assistance. The council will also work with voluntary and community sector organisations to ensure we reach the maximum number of people possible.

In recognition of rising food costs, over half of Croydon’s funding would go towards providing meals and food. This includes £1.34m in additional vouchers for those in receipt of free school meals – giving much-needed help over the winter holidays.

As with previous rounds of the Household Support Fund, a discretionary fund has been created for families who fall just outside of the threshold for free school meals but need extra support. Schools will be provided with information to help them signpost families to the application process for direct support with food and other household costs.

The council has continued to focus its latest support package on the borough’s most vulnerable residents, including £350,000 for those struggling with council tax payments and £416,000 to help with housing costs.

Housing support includes a one-off £400 payment for tenants who pay their utilities bills directly to the council, and therefore not covered by the government’s previous energy bill rebates or winter support payments for pensioners.

Jason Perry

“Through this new Household Support Fund we will make sure we are reaching those in most need through the winter months. Council teams are already working to contact our most vulnerable residents, supporting them to keep on top of bills and household essentials as living costs continue to rise. We know that this winter is set to be difficult for many people and we are determined to do everything we can to help by using this funding to target support where it’s needed most.”

Jason Perry, Executive Mayor of Croydon

For further help and support to help with the cost of living crisis visit the council’s website at

The proposed allocation and distribution of the Household Support Fund is set to be approved at Cabinet on 7 December.


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