Families take part in Croydon’s first annual Wellbeing Wednesday event

Schoolchildren and families enjoyed learning new ways to boost their mental health and wellbeing during the borough’s first interactive Wellbeing Wednesday, on 1 May.

A new animation and a series of new resources, wellbeing guides and activities for schools and early years settings have been created to support children up to 12 years old – to help them to talk about their feelings and manage any difficulties.

Wellbeing Wednesday will take place each year on the first Wednesday in May to encourage parents, carers, teachers and people working in education to use the resources throughout the year to support children’s mental health and wellbeing.

Everyone who took part on Wednesday was also invited to participate together in calming breathing exercise sessions, Break for a Breathing Space, at 10.05am and 1.05pm.

The Wellbeing Wednesday event is the next phase of Croydon Council’s Five A Day On Wellbeing Way storybook and website, created in partnership with local pupils last year. The resources focus on five characters based on the five recommended actions we should all routinely take to look after our health and wellbeing – connect with others, be active, take notice, keep learning and giving.

Smitham Primary School in Coulsdon won the council’s competition this year for pupils to design resources for a Wellbeing Way guide for seven- to 12-year-olds. The resources on the website were targeted at those aged under seven, and now older children can benefit and enjoy using them on Wellbeing Wednesday and in the future.

Staff and children at St Thomas Becket Catholic Primary School in South Norwood also contributed to ideas for the new guide. They use the characters to support learning about caring for their mental health.

During the summer, all Croydon schools will receive an intervention box for use in small groups and one-to-one support. It contains guides, storybooks, games, keyrings, water bottles, charts, bookmarks and stickers.

Copies of the storybook are also available at children’s centres, family hubs and to loan from libraries.

Woodlands Family Hub in South Croydon incorporated the Wellbeing Wednesday celebration into their Rocking Rhymes session. Priya Panneer, a parent from Forestdale, who attended, said: “I really enjoyed the Rocking Rhymes session today focusing on wellbeing. My daughter loves the music sessions. Her favourite rhyme is chicken, beans and rice and they played drums, sticks and shakers as well as scarecrow activities with hats and crafts.”

“We are grateful to everyone who could take part in our first annual Wellbeing Wednesday. I am really pleased that more children in Croydon will benefit from the excellent health and wellbeing resources on the Five A Day On Wellbeing Way website. It is vital for children to get the right help for their mental health and to know who they can turn to for support to cope with their feelings, and any worries they might face.”

Jason Perry, Executive Mayor of Croydon

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