Get involved and have your say on the future of Croydon town centre

Croydon Council is asking residents, community groups and businesses to get involved in a range of activities to learn and have fun while helping to shape plans for the future of the town centre.

Through surveys and workshops for adults and for young people, residents are invited to share their views on priorities for the town centre and what they would like to see in the future. Surveys are available now and will be open until 28 February.

Children are also invited to put forward their ideas for the future of the town centre, through the Family Activity Guide which encourages drawings to be submitted of how they currently see the town centre and what they would like it to look like. Children can draw their view of Croydon town centre, a place they like, and a place they dislike.

A series of walking tours has launched providing an opportunity to tune in to and reflect on details of the area while mapping observations and imagining alternative possibilities.

Residents can be kept up to date and details of all activities can be found on the Croydon Urban Room website.

The feedback from these activities will build on that from past engagements that have used art and creativity to start conversations with groups previously identified as seldom heard including families, young people, older people and diverse communities groups.

Jason Perry“Improving our town centre for everyone who lives, works, studies and visits Croydon is a top priority for me, and to make sure we get it right it is essential we understand what people think is important and want to see.

“The range of activities available through the Croydon Urban Room provide options for how people can get involved to make sure your voice is heard in the development of these essential plans. So whether you have five minutes or two hours, this is such an important time to get behind your town centre, so please do get involved.”

Jason Perry, Executive Mayor of Croydon

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