Grass cutting season gets under way

This year’s grass cutting season is under way which will see 127 parks and open spaces including cemeteries and 673 highway verges attended to by the council’s ground maintenance team.

An estimated 3.2 million square metres of grass is maintained each year, which is the equivalent size of more than 450 Selhurst Park sized football pitches.

Within the parks, grass areas for sporting activities such as bowling greens, athletic tracks, football and cricket pitches alongside preparations for other events like festivals are also maintained.

The grass cutting team will be out until October with the aim to cut grass every four-six weeks but changing weather conditions may impact on their schedule, because if it is too wet the ground will be too soft to take the grass cutting equipment.

During May we will be supporting Plantlife’s No Mow May, which allows grass and wildflowers to grow to benefit wildlife in certain areas across the borough. This year it will be limited to mainly verges and some open spaces. The council will continue to work with Friends of Parks groups on the protection and preservation of areas which have been identified for wildflower meadows.

“We have a great team maintaining our parks and green spaces, within the resources available.

“There is often a fine balancing act between the need to leave wild areas to grow and people wanting to enjoy our green spaces, and that is why we work with our fantastic Friends’ Groups to determine which areas may be meadowed or left for wild flowers.

“I hope the borough can enjoy an extended period of good weather so that everyone can get out to enjoy, relax or be active in our 127 parks and open spaces.”

Jason Perry, Executive Mayor of Croydon

If you would like to be active in your local park, why not join a ‘Friends’ of Park’ group.

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