Help and support during heatwave

Council teams will be working to support residents as temperatures are predicted to hit record highs – with plans in place to keep essential services running and extra support for those who are most vulnerable.

A Met Office amber alert is currently in place from Sunday morning, upgraded to the first ever national red alert for extreme heat for Monday and Tuesday.

The Mayor of London has activated the Severe Weather Emergency Protocol across London boroughs as temperatures are expected to hit 36 degrees or higher on those days.

We’ll be working with our outreach partners, including Streetlink, to step up support for rough sleepers – encouraging them to take up offers of accommodation and shelter from the sun, as well as handing out suncream, sun hats and water.

If you’re concerned about someone sleeping rough you can contact Streetlink – a 24/7 website, or call 0300 500 0914 to send out an alert about the location of someone sleeping rough.

Extreme hot weather can pose a danger to life or potential serious illness. Whether you are going outside or staying indoors, it is important to look after yourself, keep hydrated and to not get too hot. This will help to limit the risk of heatstroke, the need for medical assistance and reduce pressures on our local NHS, which is currently already overstretched.

Everyone is being asked to look out for those who may struggle in the heat. Hot weather can bring real risks to older people, young children, and if you have an underlying health condition. Regularly keep an eye on your pets to ensure they are hydrated and kept cool.

Our council teams will be checking in on elderly and vulnerable residents to ensure they have what they need and are coping well in the extreme hot weather.

You can visit the NHS website for more guidance on keeping safe and well in the summer sun.

The council will be working to keep essential services running as normal, while taking steps to ensure our staff and our partners are safe while working in the hot weather. However, we are asking residents to please bear with us as the rising temperatures could mean we need to make changes to services.

During the predicted heatwave on Monday and Tuesday, our waste and recycling crews will start their rounds earlier than usual to ensure they stay safe and well. Please leave your bins out the night before and check our website for these and other service updates.

If you are going out, ensure that you check the daily temperature and plan ahead.

We hope that everyone enjoys our parks and open spaces safely. Do keep in the shade between 11am and 3pm, when UV rays are strongest. These areas are likely to be busier than normal, so if bins are full, please be respectful to others and take your rubbish with you to dispose at home.

Also check public transport updates as services could be disrupted or cancelled due to the hot weather.

Rachel Flowers, Croydon’s director of public health, said: “Most of us welcome hot weather, but when it’s too hot for too long, there are health risks. We all need to take particular care during this time. Thousands of people end up in hospital each year because of heat, with conditions including severe sunburn, heat exhaustion and sun and heatstroke, particularly for those who cannot cope well during a heatwave. Be sure to check in on neighbours, friends and relatives who may be more vulnerable in the hot weather. Plan ahead during this time and check on council service updates to ensure that you have what you need to keep safe and well in the heatwave.”

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