Mayor Perry delivers on planning promise to protect Croydon’s local character by removing planning design guide

Croydon’s Executive Mayor is taking forward his manifesto pledge to remove Croydon’s planning design guidance (SPD2) and ensure that any new development in the borough focuses on high-quality design that respects the character of local areas.

Removal of Croydon’s SPD2 is being presented for approval by the Mayor at next week’s cabinet meeting.

Other planning changes up for consideration include proposals for a new guide to residential extensions and alterations, and revisiting the Local Plan.

The proposals are a key part of Mayor Perry’s commitment to residents to address local concerns around planning in Croydon.

Removing SPD2 will mark the start of a reset of planning within the borough, with future design guidance being developed with communities to help protect the character and aspirations of local areas.

Mayor Perry has also previously outlined his intention to review the Local Plan, looking at how to achieve sustainable growth through listening to residents and halting over-intensification of new builds in the borough.

Jason Perry

“Croydon is a fantastic place and each of its neighbourhoods come with their own unique local character, which new developments must respect and enhance. Unfortunately, that has not been the case in recent years, with rapid over-intensification across the borough.

“Residents have raised clear concerns over this erosion of local character, which is why I promised to remove SPD2 on my first day in office, another step towards restoring pride in Croydon and preserving our borough for years to come.

“Housing demand across Croydon and the capital is a real issue but it is important we meet this with solutions that work for our residents and our communities. Removing SPD2 marks the first step to put high quality design and local character at the forefront of all our new developments – I will also look at our Local Plan to make sure we have the right plan in place for sustainable growth in Croydon over the coming years.”

Jason Perry, Executive Mayor of Croydon

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