Mayor Perry – listening to Croydon

On Wednesday the council set a budget for 2023/24 that will protect vital services whilst we continue to fix the finances and rebuild the council so that it is smaller and more efficient, providing good services and value for money.

I want to reiterate to residents that I understand your anger and frustration about this council tax rise. As I have previously said, I am angry and saddened that our borough has been brought to this. This is not about ignoring your concerns; it is simply that after years of financial mismanagement, we unfortunately have no real alternatives.

It is not the budget we would have wanted to set but it is the budget that Croydon needs to continue functioning as a council and providing the services residents depend on. Without this council tax increase we would either have to borrow more money or cut more services.

If you have questions about why the council is in this situation, what I am doing to return the council to a sustainable financial footing, and how those responsible for these debts are being held to account – I would encourage you to take a look at the frequently asked questions page I have published here.

I also want to assure you that there will be extra help for residents who need it most through our council tax support scheme and a new hardship fund that we are planning to launch in the coming weeks.

New housing repairs service

This week we have reached the next milestone on our journey of housing improvement with the award of three new contracts to deliver improved repairs and heating services to our council tenants.

My thanks go to all those tenants and residents who engaged with this project and have helped to design this new service.

We are making some significant improvements to drive up standards and create better, more effective housing services in Croydon. It continues to be our priority to ensure that every resident has a warm, dry home they are proud to call home.

Finally, I would like to wish our Hindu communities a Happy Holi for earlier this week – and all the very best for this celebration of new beginnings.

Jason Perry

Executive Mayor of Croydon

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