Next phase of walking and cycling schemes approved

Seven temporary Streetspace schemes – set up to make it easier for people to walk and cycle – will now become Croydon Healthy Neighbourhoods (CHN), with some changes based on feedback from residents and businesses.

Croydon’s Healthy Neighbourhood schemes have been designed to stop rat running and make local streets cleaner, safer, and quieter to encourage more walking and cycling.

The plans, which have been approved by the cabinet member for sustainable Croydon, are part of the council’s ongoing action to tackle air pollution and respond to recommendations of climate crisis commission to encourage sustainable travel.

The Croydon Healthy Neighbourhood schemes are on the following streets:

  • Dalmally Road
  • Elmers Road
  • Parsons Mead
  • Sutherland Road
  • Holmesdale Road
  • Albert Road
  • Kemerton Road

These will replace the current schemes and address issues raised by residents and businesses who were consulted by the council over the summer.

As a result of the survey feedback, upgraded signage will be put in place and reviewed to ensure motorists are clearly warned of the restrictions.

The new plans will also include public realm improvements and some planting to make the streets more attractive and inviting to encourage more walking and cycling.

Camera-enforced partial closures in place of planters will still mean all addresses on the streets remain accessible by car, but drivers without an exemption permit will need to take alternative routes.

Exemptions for motorists will include Dial-a-Ride vehicles, licenced taxis, emergency vehicles, Blue Badge holders, local teachers, and carers who will be able to drive through the partial closures, as well as residents within the CHN boundary.

Recommendations for the healthy street schemes were discussed at the Traffic Management Advisory Committee meeting on 11 November. This decision is available on the council website.

The scheme will be implemented under an ‘experimental’ traffic order and a report will come back to the committee after 12 months. For the first six months of that period, local residents will have the opportunity to provide their feedback and details of how to get involved will be shared as soon as they are available. Further queries can be made to

Traffic monitoring will take place before the scheme goes in, and while it is running through the experimental period. At the same time, air quality monitoring will be done to continually measure pollution levels. Sensors have already been put in place, with results expected before any further decisions are made.

“To address the climate crisis, it is important to develop more sustainable ways to travel. These schemes allow us to reach our road safety, air quality and climate change goals by encouraging more walking and cycling, making streets safer and ultimately reducing the number of unnecessary car journeys in these neighbourhoods. Acknowledging feedback from local residents and businesses, we are improving access for more local motorists, emergency vehicles, and those making essential car journeys.”

Councillor Muhammad Ali, cabinet member for sustainable Croydon

More information can be found on the council website, with details of the programme timeline and key dates to be made available in the coming weeks.

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