Your guide to voting in the 2 May Mayor of London and Greater London Assembly elections and by-elections

It’s less than a week until voters in Croydon join other London councils to vote for the next Mayor of London and members of the Greater London Assembly. Voters in Woodside, and Park Hill and Whitgift wards will also vote for a new councillor.

Photo ID criteria 

For the first time in Croydon, anyone voting at a polling station will need to show one of the acceptable forms of photo ID before they can cast their ballot. The ID must be the original and not a copy and should have the same name as your voter registration. Expired ID will be accepted if you are recognisable from the photo.

Voting at your polling station 

Polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm.

On arrival, a polling officer will verify your name and address, check your photo ID then hand you ballot papers for the London Mayoral elections.

Voters in Woodside, and Park Hill and Whitgift wards will also receive a by-election ballot paper.

If circumstances prevent you from voting in person, such as illness or work commitments, or you missed the voter ID application deadline you can apply for an emergency proxy vote before 5pm on polling day.

Additional support for voters with a disability 

Voters with a disability who need additional support at the polling station can contact Electoral Services before polling day by emailing: or call 0300 373 0595 to make special arrangements.

Examples of support available at polling stations include provision of large print ballot paper or a special voting device, to help a blind/partially sighted person to cast a vote.

Handing in postal votes 

If you’re voting by post, return your completed postal vote in the pre-paid 1st class envelope provided.

Alternatively, you can hand in postal votes in person at any polling station in Croydon or the Town Hall reception.

Anyone handing in a postal vote must complete a ‘Postal Vote Return Form’ or the postal vote will be rejected. Staff at the Town Hall and at the polling stations will give you this form, so allow extra time to do this.

Postal votes must reach by the Returning Officer by 10pm on polling day.

photo of Katherine Kerswell croydon council chief executiveKatherine Kerswell, Returning Officer for Croydon said, “We want to want to make it as easy as possible for residents to exercise their right to vote for the candidates they want to vote for to represent them and their community by ensuring they have access to the right information.

“We have lots of information on our website so if you’re not sure of anything, or you need any more support, do check it out or contact Electoral Services. Make sure your voice is heard.” 


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