Make your voice heard – register to vote in elections

Residents in Croydon are being asked to complete the electoral register, to ensure that they are eligible to vote in future elections.

In recent weeks the council has contacted all residents, by post or by email, asking them to confirm their details.

All councils are required to carry out these checks every year by law, in a process called the annual canvass.

Returning these details means that the council has the correct information on voters, and also helps to identify those residents that are not registered to vote yet and encourage them to do so.

Please carefully check the instructions on your form to see if a response is required. The quickest and easiest way to confirm your details and add or remove residents is at, using the unique code in your email or letter. Alternatively return the paper form as soon as possible.

Further information can be found on the council’s annual canvass webpages. If you have any queries contact our local registration team at or by calling 0300 373 0595.

“The council is required by law to carry out an annual canvass to make sure the details we have are correct. It’s important that everyone who has been contacted returns their forms, so that they are registered to vote and can make their voice heard. If you need help or advice, there is information on our electoral services webpages or contact our elections team who will be happy to help.”

Katherine Kerswell, Returning Officer, Croydon Council



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