Norbury first to benefit as Croydon launches ‘blitz’ clean ups to restore pride

Norbury High Street will be the first to benefit as Croydon Council launches the first in a series of ‘blitz’ clean ups, helping to restore pride in the borough’s district and town centres.

Over the next fortnight, the council and its contractors will be carrying out a range of targeted activity along Norbury High Street, to help make the area feel cleaner and safer, including:

  • Tackling fly-tipping – using data to identify and clean up hotspots in public spaces, and working with landowners to ensure they remove fly-tipping on private land;
  • Cleaning graffiti and fly-posting, including supporting small businesses with a first clean free of charge, and tips to keep their shops looking great and to fight vandalism in the long term;
  • Mechanically washing pavements where necessary;
  • Gully cleansing to remove leaves and dirt that can cause flooding.

Croydon Council will be teaming up with partners such as Transport for London (TfL) and Network Rail for a coordinated approach on areas of street and property that intersect.

To help keep the area looking its best after the clean-up, the council plans to work with residents and businesses, some of which may be unknowingly presenting their rubbish and recycling incorrectly and leaving bins in inappropriate places.

Further, the council will continue to encourage everyone to use the Love Clean Streets app to report fly-tipping, graffiti, overflowing bins, and other issues right from their smartphone. Love Clean Streets can also be accessed on a browser from a home computer, via the council website.

Using the data obtained from the Love Clean Streets app, Norbury is the first of several high streets identified as priority areas for clean-ups in the coming months.

Jason Perry

“Clean streets are a top priority for me and for so many people in Croydon. We know that if an area looks well cared-for, it has a huge impact on everyone’s quality of life. Cleaner streets are safer, more attractive places to live and visit – it’s better for residents, and helps local businesses, who are the backbone of the local economy, to thrive.

“This is the first of a programme of ‘blitzes’, that will help restore pride in our neighbourhoods and start to fix some of the ‘broken window’ issues that currently detract from the borough.

“We need everyone to do their bit. Croydon is a fantastic borough – so let’s work together to get it looking its best.”

Jason Perry, Executive Mayor of Croydon

Tony Hooker, of Litter Free Norbury, said: “We are delighted that Norbury has been chosen as the first area to be tackled as part of the council’s ‘blitz’ clean-up initiative, and wholeheartedly support the efforts being made to coordinate this exercise effectively with the many parties involved.

“It is hoped that this will help us to kick-start a renewed sense of community spirit amongst residents, shopkeepers and business owners in Norbury, and hope that many will actively support and engage in this initiative to help improve the look and feel of our area. We really look forward to seeing the results once the ‘blitz’ has been completed.”

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