Croydon commits to creating a fairer borough

Croydon Council has set out its four-year plan for how to make the borough a fairer place and boost the prospects of residents through tackling inequality.

Building on the work done as part of the 2021 Equality Strategy, the council has agreed a refreshed plan designed to improve equity of opportunity for all Croydon residents, regardless of their sex, race, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion or beliefs.

It sets out the council’s role in addressing and tackling inequality as a community leader – by championing a fairer society – and by becoming a more inclusive employer, with a workforce that reflects communities in Croydon.

Continuing to work with partners, such as public health and voluntary sector organisations, is highlighted as key to achieving these aims and addressing health inequalities, so that everyone in Croydon can be supported to live healthier and independent lives for longer.

Croydon Council and the borough have been through significant change since 2021 and the strategy, which was agreed at Full Council on Wednesday 11 October, has been refreshed to reflect this.

It has been updated with data from the Census 2021 and the progress made to date. It also reflects the council’s financial challenges and the new direction set out by Executive Mayor Jason Perry in the Mayor’s Business Plan 2022-26.

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to affect Croydon’s residents, with some groups impacted more than others. This plan renews the council’s commitment to making sure all residents have equal access to care, and quality of care, and to tackling social isolation and loneliness in communities.

The plan also gives an update on activities underway, such as the work being done inside the council to deliver the George Floyd Race Matters and Croydon Equality Pledges, initiatives to working towards becoming an anti-racist organisation. The council is continuing to encourage local businesses to sign up to the pledges to make the borough a better place to work.

An equality report will go to Full Council each year so that councillors and residents can track the progress of the strategy.

Jason Perry

Executive Mayor of Croydon, Jason Perry, said: “I’m proud to live and work in a borough as diverse as Croydon and it is my priority that, as a council, we listen to, respect and work in partnership with all Croydon’s communities.

“We are committed to tackling inequalities head on, working closely with our partners, and this refreshed Equality Strategy builds upon the work already underway and sets out our vision for a fairer borough for everyone.”

Jason Perry, Executive Mayor of Croydon

See the new equality strategy on the council website. 

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